Who we are

Oh, there are so many possible responses to “Who we are.” The simple answer is that we are six writers who started meeting to share our news, brainstorm current projects and have a cold one or two. We know there are voices in our heads and we welcome them. Those voices are our muses and, even when they are most annoying, we know that is better than the silence.

Joseph Bucemi

Pilot, writer, artist…a real renaissance man, that’s me. Now, if only I was really good at them all! I am wearing my writing hat most of the time right now. It’s a good fit because writers are out of their minds and I blend right in. My wife isn’t surprised at all. While my favorite subject to bang away at the keyboard about is aviation, I’ve found that I also enjoy writing horror and science fiction. I’m sure I’ll find a few more. With a short story already published and a novel that I’m about to kick out into the middle of an unwary public, I’m hoping that my words will make me immortal. Or at least remembered for a few weeks.  😉

David Franklin

A native of New England, David’s experience spans a life in a dozen cities in North America, Europe and the Middle East, which provides an array of potential writing topics that is practically endless. With a professional background in journalism and now living in Texas, his true passion is composing spy thrillers and other mysteries. Writing from personal encounters, “what you know,” is what drives his inspiration. These include years of eclectic experiences in public relations, finance, aviation, real estate, energy development, politics and community involvement, among other interests. Weaving together any combination of these interests is how David creates his background settings and the development of characters toward setting the stage and driving the plot.

Amanda S. Green

I’m older than 20 and younger than death and that’s all you’ll get from me about my age. After all, it’s not polite to ask a woman how old she is. I’m a mother, a daughter and was a wife. I’ve spent most of my life in the South and love to travel. The only problem with that is my dog always thinks I’ve abandoned him when I do and it takes weeks to reassure the poor thing and my cat resents the fact I came back before he could figure out a way to kill the dog and hide the body. My house is haunted – it is, really. I swear it. What else explains the table that plays music and the light that comes on by itself? – but it’s mine and I love it. Okay, I’m a little strange. But that makes life interesting.

I write as Amanda S. Green, Ellie Ferguson and Sam Schall.

AJ Prince

AJ Prince is a writer always working on one of many novel projects. She hates editing, but can’t stop creating strange scenarios to write about. Her characters like to push the boundaries and see how far they can go before driving her absolutely mad. AJ resides in North Texas with her husband, two kids, three cats and one gigantic puppy. She is a book nerd, music enthusiast, and shoe hoarder who loves to travel with her family. You can see what she has to say on Wednesday’s here at Twisted Writers, catch her flash fiction pieces with the Rough Writer crew over at Carrot Ranch Communications, or check out her blog, For the Love of… .

CJ Stuart

CJ Stuart is a writer who lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three sons. She adds her writing life to a full time job in the business world. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English but still manages to get questions wrong working with her fourth grade son on his Reading homework. Go figure!  While at University, CJ travelled through London, Scotland and Italy. Traveling opened her eyes to other worlds in a way only books had before. She found she wished at times that she could really live in the places she had visited, or in the worlds of books she had read, so she decided she must write worlds of her own where she really could live wherever and whenever she wanted.

Jesikay Scott

Jesikay Scott is an aspiring writer of novels, a poet, and a blogger over at The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet. She has guest-blogged over at The Well-Tempered Bards, and has a post featured at For Love Of. Jesikay has two poems published in Memories of Mist, a literary anthology, and one published story in a newsletter. She is currently working on releasing her first poetry collection as well as writing her first novel. When not writing, Jesi can be found getting lost in bookstores, singing and dancing around the house, experiencing culture with friends, and generally having fun with her four sons when they aren’t driving her weeping into her closet, which she calls her Padded Cell. She loves to rescue stray bookmarks, as well as books, and has opened her heart to any and all stories needing a home. Archery is her current favorite thing ever but you might want to stand back a little as she still has a tendency to drop the bow occasionally.