Can’t Get Motivated!

So I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to post about and….nuthin.’ I keep leaving Word and start doing something else, coming back hoping that an idea would hit me. Nope.

Florida has been a great place for the whole family. It’s been great for everything but my writing. Terrific weather and plenty to do. But it hasn’t been great for my writing. Look up there on top. I can’t even come up with a cartoon idea. Yeah…I’ve hit the block. Just can’t seem to get into it. I was going hot and heavy there for a while but I now I can’t seem to get myself motivated to write. I find myself blaming it on being busy, but I seem to find time to do other things. Just not writing.

Part of it, I think, is not having my group around me, anymore. I seem to need that for some reason. That’s not good, of course. A writer needs to be able to motivate himself, not depend on others to do it for him. I’m even starting to wonder if this might have been a “passing phase” and that I’m ready to move on. Or could it be that I just need to step away from my present book and work on something else for a while?

So what do some of you do when you hit that block? Ride it out? Force it? The bad part is that it’s worse than simply having writers block. That’s when you want to write but just can’t. This, I’m afraid is a lack of interest. I just don’t want to. How can I call myself a writer if I don’t feel like writing? I’m hoping it’ll go away. Maybe I do need to start writing something new to get those creative juices flowing again.

Hopefully, it’s only temporary. But if it’s not, hey…I actually finished a novel

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