Jenny, The Movie

When you’re writing fiction do you ever imagine who would play your characters in the movie version? What if I got a big movie deal? Oh Hell…I know it’s not gonna happen, but what if? What if Steven Spielberg wants to make a big epic film version of my novel, ‘Jenny?’

The casting department takes care of that, of course. But maybe they’ll ask for my input. As I’m thinking about it, right now, I’m suddenly realizing that I’m not up on my present day actors and actresses. I would have picked Brad Pitt as the hero. Perfect. But wait. The character is in his twenties. What’s Pitt now? Fifty!? Geez, I’m getting old.

And Jenny. I want Jennifer Connelly. When I saw her for the first time in the movie, ‘The Rocketeer,’ I thought, “Daaaaammmnn!” A dark haired beauty. But that was in 1991. I just checked and Jennifer Connelly will be forty- five in December. In my novel, Jenny is in her mid-twenties. Won’t work.

Okay, the casting people will have to work it out. I just hope that they don’t pick Lindsay Lohan to play Jenny. We can’t have the star of the film in a drug or alcohol induced stupor most of the time. We need to wrap this picture up, people!

Actually, imagining real people in the role of your characters isn’t so crazy. It helps you visualize the scenes and maybe even hear their voices. When I read I do it. In my head, I often see what’s going on in a book as I would see it in a film. So doing it when you write isn’t so much of a stretch.

It would be interesting to have a large group of people of various age groups read a novel and then ask all of them who they imagined as the characters. One would say Elizabeth Taylor while another will tell you Jennifer Lawrence. Hmmm…Jennifer Lawrence. Another Jennifer. Jenny, maybe?

Yeah, I’ll have to tell Spielberg that I want Jennifer Lawrence. Now we need somebody for my hero, George Price. Any suggestions? Let me know, I need to be ready when Spielberg calls.


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