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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to Live.” – Albus Dumbledore


This past weekend, I skipped my writer’s group meeting so that my husband and I could take our kids to see a showing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in theatres. I know, I know, skipping a writing meeting is generally unheard of.

But… Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was showing in the theatre. That hasn’t happened since 2001!

Now, my kids have grown up with a mother who absolutely loves all things Harry Potter, so this was not the first time that they have seen this movie. Nor was it the second, third, fourth, or… you get the idea. But it was the first time they were able to experience it on the big screen.

And they were amazed.

The first time I saw this movie was the weekend that it was released. My husband (then fiancé) and I were joining part of my family for a movie night, and at the time this was the only interesting kid friendly movie showing. I had never heard of this Harry Potter and his magical world and just needed something that my (under ten) siblings could agree on. They are now in their 20’s and probably do not even remember going. Later that same weekend, I drug my mother and another younger sibling to see it. After that, the rest was history.

We immediately went out and purchased the first book. As in the next day. A few days later, we bought the second. And so on. The movie had been spectacular, but the books were/are better. By the time the series was fully released, I had babies of my own. My son has his own collection of the books and the movies, and I have a collection of the books saved for my daughter for when she is able to read them on her own.

Now, I am sure there is someone out there that didn’t care for the series, but I haven’t met them yet. As I am also aware that there are plenty of people who liked the series, read them, even watched the movies and that was that. It was just another book/movie for them.  I have read or listened on audio to the series more times than I care to share with you.

Everyone is different. There are those who fall back on Shakespeare, Austen, Fitzgerald, Tolkien; there is a creator of words out there for anyone and everyone. You just have to be willing to find who speaks the loudest to you. Me, I’m just a Rowling girl.

One day, one of us might become one of those authors for someone. One never knows.

Who/what speaks the loudest to you? Let me know down in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Hmm I may be the odd ‘duck’ out here, but I’m one of the few that do not have a favorite author. I did, however, have a tendency to gravitate to certain genres but not anymore.
    Until recently I have been proudly known as a Twihard. I have all of the books (which I have read a countless number of times), all of the movies (which I have seen a countless number of times), blankets, bookmarks and I have been sent birthday cards with a Twilight theme on it…
    But now… I have moved onto another franchise. The one you were speaking about above. After a decade of someone, who shall not be named, trying to force me to read Harry Potter I finally gave in. I have only seen a handful of parts from the different movies and it wasn’t enough to really get me interested. The books, however, speak to me, draw me in like no other series before. I am now known as a Potterhead.
    There have been other series and single books here and there that have caught my attention but it’s about the story for me, not the author, not the status of the person who wrote it but the voices of the characters and the storyline of where they get to go and how they get to live their lives that intrigues me most.
    Love this post, really gets you thinking! Keep on writing!!

    • Understandable, there are plenty out there who do not have favorite authors but favorite books. Me for example, my favorite book of all time is by Laura Ingalls Wilder – The Little House in the Big Woods, but this is the only book by her that I enjoy. The others all bored me restless.

      Haha, nice pun there with the “who shall not be named”.

      Honestly though, why can one not be known as a Twihard AND a Potterhead? Why does it have to be one or the other? (I would include other names for other series, but these two are the most pronounced.) I figure at the end of the day, as long as we are all reading, then we are all one in the same.

  2. I never really got in to reading books… Until lately- thanks
    To you, cuz… Your words sparked my interest to read with
    My son and grandkids… No favorite authors – yet… But give me
    A few!! Thanks! Keep writing.. I love it!

    • I love to hear that, the fact that I could spark an interest in reading is an awesome thing. Thank you for that, you made my day!

      Now, you must read the Harry Potter series to the kids, and then read it for yourself. Trust me. You should also try reading any of the Rick Riordan book series with the kids. He is very good too, my son loves him.

  3. Well, I do like Shakespeare a bit. But, you know, when all is said and done, lady, I’m with you. Rowling is a queen. 😉 So glad you got to see that movie in the theatres. I’d be envious but I was in London when the 3rd HP came out so I simply had to settle for seeing it there. *sigh*

    P.S. I started reading this series when it came out, too. So I waited. A lot. But it was worth it.

    • Rowling is a Queen! She is amazing on every level. Shakespeare was good (obviously) but I do struggle reading his work from beginning to end. Though, I do have a large book of Shakespeare quotes that I think you would really enjoy.

      Oh, now you are just being cocky, you and your being in London for your movie watching.

  4. That sounds like it was awesome. And I’m sure it’s a great feeling to have your kids enjoy a series you love so much.
    I never read any of the books but I liked the movies just fine.
    I’m actually more of a Twilight person myself. I read those four books in a week. And watched the movies over and over again.

    • Mia, it was awesome. My little one was awed, she came home and said, “I don’t remember the movie being that good!” Ok, and here I thought everyone had read the series by now. You are the fifth person that I have found out this month that has not read them. READ them! If for no other reason than to see how Rowling was a genius writer. Aside from a great storyline, her actual writing itself never ceases to leave me amazed. She has talent for sure.

      Twilight was one that many either loved or hated and very few in-betweens. The movies I struggled with to be honest, but I enjoyed the books – well some more than others. I have friends who love every aspect of the world even to this day. And I love that there are so many different books and writers in the world, that we are able to each like something different.

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