Waiting ‘Til The Last Minute…

WHO THE HELLcaptainThis week’s post was supposed to be the wrapping up of my Captain Cliché cartoon. Instead it is humbly turning into the evils of waiting ’til the last minute.

I’ve been pretty busy, but I’ve managed to get my posts out on time by doing them days in advance. Sometimes a week ahead.. Uh…not so, this week.

I kept saying “tomorrow” until it was finally today! Well…last night, of course. I get out the Wacom drawing tablet that I use and….IT WASN’T WORKING! Noooo! Not now!

So, I’m Googling my butt off to find the problem. It took a while but I got it going. But it’s getting late so I better get to work. I start to draw, but I can’t get the cartoons to resize, now. I found this out when I started posting them. They’re all different sizes and I can’t get them right. I decided to post a couple to show you what was going wrong.

Now, if I’d done this a few days ago I would have had time to fix it. But noooooooo…I waited ’til last night! It was finally at around eleven thirty or so that I gave up. I considered doing a reblog but thought, “No! be a man, dammit! Show the world that you effed up!”

So, I learned a lesson. They say that if you can’t serve as a good example, then at least be a fair warning.


5 responses to “Waiting ‘Til The Last Minute…

  1. I really like the Captain Cliche’ cartoon strip. Are you sure he has to come to an end?

    I try and write my post a few days in advance too, but these past few weeks are kicking my butt and I am lucky if I get them written and posted the day of ! And isn’t that always the case, when we are struggling to get something done by deadline the software brakes on us.

  2. I like Captain Cliché! Don’t end him.
    I have problems lately, too. It’s like I have an idea and instead of sitting down right then and there LIKE I SHOULD…I procrastinate until the last minute or I forget it. But I’m trying to get back on track. Starting next week. 😉

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