Are You Reading?

The MORE that you Read,
the more THINGS you will KNOW.
the more PLACES you’ll GO!
~Dr. Seuss

It’s not a secret that I love to read (mentioned in a previous post). And to write, you have to read.

Here lately, I find myself reading probably more than I do anything else. While I work, I listen to e-audio books on my iPad, instead of music. I have three (very thick and large) school books that I read during my breaks, lunch and after work & class. On the nights that I do not have class, I read to my youngest – right now we are on a Halloween and Christmas kick. And then I try and get in a few minutes of non-homework reading right before bed.

I am also not one to stick to reading one book at a time either. At any given time, I could be reading one to five books at a time. This might seem like too much to some, but it works for me. There are days where a story just doesn’t hold my interest, but calls me back to it another day.

And I will admit, finding these e-book audios on the library’s website has saved my sanity at work. A person can only listen to music for so long before the singing starts to wear on ones nerves.

Right now I am listening to…

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (I have been rereading the series with a friend of mine who has never read them before! I know, I know. How could one have never read these before? It is not from lack of trying on my part.)

And I am reading…

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

So what are you reading right now? Let me know down in the comments, I love seeing what others are reading.

Till next time,

12 responses to “Are You Reading?

  1. Yes, you are most definitely a juggler when it comes to reading!
    But my question is, do you ever feel like you are cheating on one book while you read another? Or is it like jumping from one world to another, keeping intrigue alive?

    • I can only read one at a time, I feel “unfaithful” if I don’t!!$

    • Neither, I am able to switch back and forth easily, without guilty feelings. Just some stories are more interesting than others so I tend to jump into those in the middle of “lesser” interesting ones. I have a tendency to force myself to finish a book no matter what. And books that I have grabbed at the library, with due dates, plays a big part in which books get finished before others.

  2. I am reading Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

  3. Oh my gosh! Freaking out! I LOVE that Dr. Seuss book! Also, with the reading, of course, and completely fan-girling over Lauren Graham. I didn’t even know she had a book. I am going to do something I never do which is to buy a book from some famous (squee!) person simply because it’s by her. Don’t even know if I’ll like it but I simply must. Two more things. Sorry. I want to hear what you think of Harper Lee’s book and…why do you have a friend who hasn’t read HP? 😉

    • FanGirling is allowed, and encouraged. Let me know what you think of the Lauren Graham book after you read it, I have not finished it yet but I do not know anyone else who has read it or even knew about it, but I am a big fan of hers too.

      The Harper Lee book, so far I am not sure I am a fan , but I am still early on in it (about 100 pages or so). And as far as the friend who has not read Harry Potter, she is stubborn … And hardheaded … But we overlook her shortcomings because at the end of the day she is the best. 😀

  4. I am reading… Second time around- 1st was with carter, now Marcus…. ”
    Diary of a wimpy kid” we will read the whole Series of them! The boys enjoy them and I kinda like em too I must admit!

    • Oh, I remember the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books, I read the series to my son until he decided he was old enough to finish the last two on his own. That was a sad day Lol.

  5. In my opinion, the best two apps ever made are the Kindle app and Audible app. In the past year, I listened to Bossy Pants by Tina Fey because she’s the greatest writer/actor ever. I also listened to Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me by Mindy Kaling because she is the second greatest writer/actor. I loved those two memoirs because I could relate to them. They were two nerdy, awkward girls just trying to make it big. Their adventures are hilarious. No drug use, no sex scandals, just good, clean, nerdy amazingness.
    I also bought The Girl on the Train on Audible since everyone was going bonkers over it. I hated that book so much. I hated that the narrator was British. I hated the characters. They were all awful, self-centered, and self-destructive. I only give the author points for originality. But I figured everything out halfway through the book and just had ride it out until it was finished.
    The next Audible book I’m buying is Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? for the reasons listed above.
    That’s it. 🙂

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