Unemotionally Attached

I am sitting here with absolutely nothing to post about today. My mind has been preoccupied with new and old story lines, trying to edit something for an upcoming workshop, and dealing with Month End issues at work. So as I sit here, wracking my brain with something – anything- to blog about, my mind keeps going back to CJ’s post yesterday.

It was a good post, and I loved reading her point of view on the matter regarding the recent publication of Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. CJ linked to some great articles giving you an insight on the drama that has been circled around Ms. Lee here of late.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that a lot of people hold dear, something they remember fondly reading while growing up. So the idea of this new book painting Atticus as a different man than he was in TKAM is unfathomable to some.

But what if you don’t hold To Kill a Mockingbird dear?

I don’t.

Up until a year ago, I never put much thought into the book other than it was a classic that I would get around to reading someday. Then last year at the end of a writers meeting with my group, Joe mentioned that his favorite novel of all time was To Kill a Mockingbird, we discussed it for a minute before departing and that was it.

Then over the holidays, I was out with my grandfather and we were browsing the books when we came across a used copy for a dollar and he said he remembered reading it when he was younger. I asked what he thought about it and he encouraged me to buy the book and find out for myself. So I bought the book and proceeded to shelve it.

Now I am not sure if he came across one of the many news articles about Harper Lee and her books recently or not, but he asked the other day if he could borrow the book from me. Seeing as how I still hadn’t read it, I figured I needed to do so quickly so that he can have a go. Then I mentioned to my grandmother about Go set a Watchman being released and all of the negativity surrounding it. We decided to read To Kill a Mockingbird together since she hadn’t read it in so long and, well, since I still hadn’t read it at all.

After we finish TKAM, we will probably read Go Set a Watchman together.

If the articles are true and that Ms. Lee was not of sound mind in letting this “draft” be published, then that’s a damn shame. But. What if she was? None of us really know except for Harper Lee herself.

I am not emotionally attached to either of these books in any way. After all is said and done, I probably will be, but come on, I am reading them with my grandparents – who both read To Kill a Mockingbird willingly as adults when it was first released. How cool is that? And now I will get to share Go set a Watchman with them too. We might hate it. We might not. No one can find out until they read it.

So now that I’ve got CJ and JesiKay shaking their heads at me… What are your thoughts on the matter? Share with us in the comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say.


(Once I finish To Kill a Mocking bird AND Go Set a Watchman, I’ll let you know if I loved/hated either of them.)

6 responses to “Unemotionally Attached

  1. There is so much around this novel. Articles, columns, blog posts, tweets… I like this. And you’re right, most of the writers are attached to To Kill a Mockingbird. But what about those who aren’t? Interesting. Read away! And let us know what you think. No spoilers, you know, just in case… 😉

  2. I am so not shaking my head at you. 😊
    I’ve been debating reading Go Set A Watchman myself because it’s been talked about everywhere. I’m not one of those who won’t read a book because of controversy, rather I’ll read it because now my interest is sparked. Gullible, what can I say? And honestly, I don’t hold TKAM dear. It’s been so long since I read it that I remember it being a good book and that it was controversial at publication. I’m just wondering if it’s going to end up being censored the way other books like Huckelberry Finn has been in some cases.

    • Good!
      The controversy surrounding all of it is just crazy, there is no way of knowing what really happened. I can only pray that I’m never in that situation.
      If I don’t read it for myself, I will be left wondering how it was and I just can’t live with that :).
      Oh goodness, the censoring has to stop! Thankfully my son was allowed to read the original version of Huckleberry Finn last year in school. (My copy TYVM!)
      If you decide to read Go Set a Watchman, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you finish.

  3. Honestly, I don’t remember saying that it was my favorite novel. Of course, I’m getting old. I even put my name down as Jore when I commented on CJ’s post yesterday. Yes, Jore was me. Can’t even remember my own name!

  4. Haha no judgement from me! There are lots of classic novels I haven’t read or loved. I do not love Dickens. Great Expectations was like a root canal for me. But who knows, maybe that will change? Up until a year or so ago I was SO not into poetry or Shakespeare, but I am getting into both. You never know. I hope you enjoy Mockingbird. So many good quotes! And Boo Radley is such an interesting character! Sorry – fangirling again 😉

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