Writer’s A.D.D.


I’ve read a fascinating story that claims we’re heading for another Ice Age. Some strange goings on inside the sun is going to cause it to cool down to the point where we will experience another Ice Age by 2030. I want to write a story about it.

But wait. We just saw Jurassic World. I’ve always been interested in Dinosaurs. Maybe I’ll go back to work on that illustrated kid’s book I was doing about a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Then again, I’ve been dying to try a Western. I’ve started one that involves a Confederate soldier returning home from the American Civil War and getting into trouble in a small town in Texas. I should finish that.

And that Science Fiction novella I’m 20,000 words into. I should get that done.

Oh yeah, there’s that second novel that takes place in the South Pacific during World War Two that I still have to complete.

Oh God! I have writer’s A.D.D. Bad.

But there are so many terrific ideas out there. And being the type of person who is interested in just about everything, it’s hard to stay focused. I can’t understand anyone who claims to be a writer saying they can’t think of any ideas! My head is filled with them. Getting ideas is the easy part. Now, getting them finished…ay, there’s the rub. That was Shakespeare, by the way, in case some of you heathens didn’t know.

What I really need to do, I realize, is to lock myself up somewhere until I’ve finished what I’m working on. Somewhere that has no internet connection. No information from the outside world. I shouldn’t even be able to talk to anyone. If I do, something they say may give me, yet another, story idea. My meals would be slid underneath the door. I’d have a bucket for…well, okay. That may be going a bit too far. But you see where I’m going.

My first novel, ‘Jenny’, took me three years to write. Writer’s A.D.D is part of the reason. Not all of it, but certainly part of it. During the course of writing the book I found myself being distracted by shiny objects and wrote a bunch of short stories. I should have been concentrating on Jenny! But that damn A.D.D.

I’m trying not to let that happen with this present novel. I want to finish it this year. I know for some of you that doesn’t sound like such a daunting task, but that’s probably because you aren’t afflicted. But I can’t be the only one out there. Surely there are others. Maybe we should start a self-help group.

Really, though, I think that if I finished half the stuff I’ve started, I’d be one of the most prolific writers on the planet. I have a folder filled with the beginnings of stories, and maybe even entire books. If I could just sit down and get all of those going I’d…Hmmm…what’s that book over there on the shelf? Submarines? Yeah! A story about submarines. Love submarines. Maybe an American sub during WW2 sinks a Japanese ship and takes some of the survivors aboard as prisoners. The prisoners get together and try and take over the…Oh geez. I’m doing it again.

Help me.

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  1. Hi. My name is AJ and… I’m afflicted with writers A.D.D. I currently have 5 -omgosh FIVE- un-finished novels. And here’s the kicker…. Their POV’s are intermittently playing around in my head at all times… Maybe we need more than a self-help group.

    Go with the submarines! I like submarines. Oh. Oh. Combine George and a submarine! Oh, with some ….

    • So, there are others. I knew there had to be. I could not be the only one with this debilitating affliction.
      We should write something to make the public aware of the…hmmm…what’s that over there…?

    • Only five, AJ? Sheesh, that’s nothing. 😉

      Do I have to get my pointy boots out and apply them to certain folks’ posteriors to get finished work out of them? (Myself included, of course) Joe, quit looking at the popcorn kittens and pick one project that is talking to you the loudest. Finish it and then move on. Otherwise, I’m going to tell your dear wife that you want to start playing with the wild life outside and that you really did love all that green in the new house and want to put it back. Why, yes, I am that evil. 😉

    • AJ…you know our bunch. We need a LOT more than just a self-help group!

  2. Terry Flanagan

    Hey Joe,
    How are you doing? Saw your site on Annette’s FB page, thought I’d say hello.

    • TERRY FLANAGAN? Holy smokes. What’s it been…over forty years?
      And Amanda, if you tell my wife I want that green paint back…I’ll be on the next plane to Dallas. And girl, it won’t be pretty. I’ll make really mean faces at you. You won’t like it.

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