Hail To The Editors!


Pity the poor Editor. Imagine all the Blech that comes across their desk.

Just think about how much bad writing the average editor must read in a year.

And on top of bad writing, editors today have to deal with formatting problems for E-Book conversions. Even if the written piece is good, the editor can spend hours trying to fix a badly formatted piece so that it can be read on a Kindle or Nook. Okay, maybe not hours…but certainly a whole lot of minutes. They do work hard and they are an important part of publishing your book or short story.

I don’t think I could do it. I don’t have the personality for it.

But Amanda, the fearless leader of our band of twisted writers, happens to be one of those overworked individuals. She’s a wonderful, kind and understanding woman who is always there when you need her (Yes, as you might have guessed, she is editing my book right now).

Really, though, she’s great. We had an individual in our critique group who simply could not write. We tried to make suggestions but the guy just didn’t get it. Amanda tried to be patient and encouraged him and pointed out some of the good things about the novel he was writing. I, on the other hand, couldn’t see a single good thing to point out. It was awful. I couldn’t even read it. Obviously, I’m not editor material.

How do they do it? How do you spend hours slogging through the mess that someone has just handed you without throwing the manuscript or your computer, against the wall?

I’m glad there are those who can, though. Editing is an important part of the whole writing process. Well… the publishing process, anyway. I suppose you can write all you want, without an editor. I wouldn’t attempt publishing without one, however.

Yes, Hail to the Editors! Those thankless heroes of the publishing world.

Now, if you think this post was a shameless attempt to stay on Amanda’s good side because she is editing my book, that’s completely ridiculous. (I hope I sent those flowers to the right address).


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  1. And I am working on it, Joe. I promise. You should have my notes some time next week. As for the rest of it, it takes time and training and patience and — sometimes — lots and lots of chocolate and good booze. 😉

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