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Before computers and typewriters, the basic writing tools were a simple sheet of paper and a quill/pen/pencil. Imagine Shakespeare or Jane Austen as they wrote their first drafts and having to scratch out any mistakes. They didn’t have that quick delete button or that strange smelling White Out to cover up any misspellings or wrong words. Think about how Mark Twain dealt with carpal tunnel -my hand cramps when writing a simple grocery list. Everything they wrote, they had just the basics; a piece of paper and something to write with.

Do you ever go back to basics in writing? You know, pencil and paper. Turning off the hum of the computer and listening to the scratch of the lead as it scrolls across the notepad.

It is not something that I do very often. I find it more time-consuming to put the words on actual paper, then transferring what I have written into a word document. Not to mention the hand cramping from only using one hand (I could use some ambidextrous skills right about now), and sometimes my handwriting can be difficult to read. Oh, and don’t forget the wasted paper, just these two paragraphs alone have used up one side of a sheet.

I think it’s just easier when on your electronics. You get to use both hands, hit the backspace button when you make a mistake, and the much beloved spellcheck! And the most important thing of all, the save button. I can save everything I type onto a flash drive, and those puppies can store a lot of pages.

However, here lately, I haven’t been wanting to stare at the computer after work but I still have things that I need to get written (this post for example). So I seem to have disconnected myself from the laptop for a bit.

Oddly enough, I’ve been enjoying writing things out by hand. At first I was frustrated, I do not generally have time to waste by doubling up the work on a single post. But I found a way to combine old school ways with new school techniques. After I write my pages I then use the dictation button on my device and just read my words out loud. Bam! Time saved right there. Once I got the kinks worked out I found the upside to writing things down by hand… I feel a little more connected with my work. It is coming across a bit more personal even, and that is always welcomed. So It turns out that I kind of dig this whole hand writing with pencil and paper.

How do you prefer to write? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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3 responses to “Back to Writing Basics

  1. I am too impatient to write stories or blog posts on paper, but I’ve found the only way I can journal is with a notebook and pen. Tried journaling on the laptop for a while, but it lacked something. Great post!

    • Journaling on the computer feels impersonal to me, I’ve never been able to do it that way either. And up until the past few weeks, I’ve always been too impatient to write anything out by hand, but now that it is the better of the two options for me, I have enjoyed it.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Interesting topic! I seldom write much by hand but I do love brainstorming and character sketching in notebooks etc with pencil and paper. 🙂

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