10 Random but Awesome Gifts for the Bibliophile

My son just celebrated his tenth birthday today (and hubby and I are having a glass of wine celebrating a whole decade of being parents – woot woot). For his party, parents of friends attending inevitably ask what the birthday boy is into right now for possible gift ideas. It got me started thinking of gift ideas for myself, because, hey, I can’t help myself sometimes, and I do have a landmark birthday coming up before long (cough cough The Big 4-0 cough cough). For me, and for many bookish people, you can NEVER go wrong with anything book related. Thus, this random list of awesome gifts for your favorite bibliophile.

1) Maurauder’s Map Blanket (Amazon) Oh I solemnly swear I would be up to no good if someone decided to gift me with this!  What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t love to snuggle up under this blanket?

2) Where the Wild Things Are Coffee Mug (CaféPress) Let the Wild Rumpus Start! I don’t care how old you are, Max’s line from Where the Wild Things Are is still one of the coolest ever for most any occasion. 😉

3) Law office of Atticus Finch tshirt (Amazon) Some serious bibliophiles might say (not necessarily me, but some might 😉 ) : If your friends don’t get it, then they aren’t really your friends.

4) I’d Rather Be Reading Tote Bag (Barnes and Noble) The tote bag that says what we are all thinking, which can also conveniently carry our inevitable collection of way too many new books to possibly read (which nevertheless demand to be purchased).

5) Magnetic Poetry Kit Book Lover Edition (GoneReading.com) Magnetic Poetry kits are always a win with most bookish types, but then add in a nod to our passion for all things books – yes, we have a winner. I think many a bibliophile would need this in their life. I am certainly thinking I may need one. 🙂

6) We’re All A Little Mad Here Alice in Wonderland book locket (Amazon) Alice in Wonderland has many quotable quotes but this one is very popular and seems an especially apt description for quite a few of us book lovers. I know it applies to me!

7) The Strand Classic Tshirt (StrandBooks.com) What book lover doesn’t love exploring and supporting the unique bookshops? Grab a tee from a cool shop in NY as a gift and your bibliophile friend will love you. By the way, I’d like to do a tour of cool US bookshops (for starters, I’m willing to go international at some point too!) – so who’s with me?

8) Banned Book Coffee Mug (ShopPBS.org) Quick way to make a book lover’s blood boil? Talk about banning books! But since we know no one who loves us would do such a thing, why not show your love and get us a coffee mug decorated with a whole bunch of famous banned books? Bonus if you buy from the PBS website. 🙂

9) And Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce necklace (Amazon.com) Many Shakespeare related gifts will do but Shakespeare plus jewelry seems a good way to go, don’t you think?

10) Keep Mr. Grey, I’ll Stick With Mr. Darcy tote bag (Zazzle.com) Any day of the week and twice on Sunday would most true book lovers take Darcy over Grey. No contest.

So these 10 items just barely scratch the surface of the many, many, many wonderful bookish gifts one could possibly give or receive, but they were some that caught my fancy. Which of these do you like/need for your life to be complete? What about your favorite bibliophile gift ideas? Have you any suggestions for gifts for the book-lover type? Please share in the comments. Have a great week! ~CJS

12 responses to “10 Random but Awesome Gifts for the Bibliophile

  1. I’ll take nos. 9 and 10, thank you very much! And I’m pretty sure AJ will agree with me on no 10. 😉

  2. I think they may all be on my list now Especially #1 and #10 and ok all in between 🙂

  3. Nice! These items were pretty cool. You and Jess pegged me spot on, #1 is right up on my wish list.

    • I know isn’t it great? I love it!! Speaking of #10 – did y’all read the tweets in EL James Q&A? Have seen some articles- including Amanda’s blog about it. Priceless – but I did feel kinda bad for her, too. Even though I think the books were a pile of garbage, people can be so hateful. Still, Team Darcy 🙂

      • You will get a kick out of what my husband just got me, a HP sweater, it’s awesome!
        Yeah I saw some of the comments, I haven’t read the book, but I’m a firm believer in that if you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

        • That is in direct opposition to what so many on social media seem to believe: “If you don’t have anything nice to see leave a nasty comment or tweet something hateful! I like your idea better 🙂

  4. Great ideas… Love these posts. There are so many literature-themed goodies out there. 🙂 Thanks for the links!

    • Thank you! I had a lot of fun “researching” for this post. I saw quite a few other posts with similar theme but found all my items in my own searches, not from another list, though I saw some great ideas! So much good stuff out there! I really do need the marauders map blanket. Need 😉

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