Piggy back riding Time

After reading Jesi’s post on Monday and then CJ’s post on Tuesday, it seems time is a relevant issue here lately. So I am catching a piggy back ride on their topic. How do we solve the time management epidemic that is going around?

It isn’t like we can add more hours to our day, unless we start sleeping less at night. Hmm, I already average 5/6 hours as it is, if I cut back anymore, I am going to become a walking zombie and I think that will cause more of a problem than a resolution.

Here lately I have been feeling bogged down and writing hasn’t been a priority for me. Part of it has been readjusting my time management, but also because my head just hasn’t been in the game.

With a new job (that I hate), trying to find another new job (and succeeding, thankfully), school letting out (the kids have grown monstrous second heads and I am not sure who these kids are, but they have replaced my cute ones), chores (stupid evil tasks), exercising (got to keep those two-headed monsters and myself healthy), enrolling myself back into school (I needed to make sure that I filled any & all allotted free time), and the blogging (I keep forgetting that I have TWO blogs to write for), my actual writing has merely consisted of playing with scenes in my head.

Sure I have figured out how to fix some of my WIP problems, but that doesn’t really count in the writing world now does it?

We all have life and issues that get in the way. Jesi has her kids, CJ is working overtime, David is a juggler of professions, Amanda has family, floods and a (super exciting) Con coming up , and Joe… Joe is moving to Florida right now. Like. Right. Now. (Hope the weather is nasty and he gets a sunburn his first day! Just kidding. Kind of.) 🙂

In reality, our lives are always busy and going and going and going. Queue the Energizer Bunny, please. So it is up to us to MAKE the time to write. We just have to set reasonable goals for ourselves, be it 500 words a day, or just to write an hour a few times a week, as long as we are still putting words on paper. Because if we don’t, then where are we going?

My goal is to start writing 45 minutes four times a week. I will set aside certain days and times that will become my writing time and stick to it. This might change once I get my class schedule, but that is alright, as long as I find a new goal that fits my timetable and stick with it.

With a new season upon us, what are your goals? How do you time manage? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 responses to “Piggy back riding Time

  1. I’ve got the solution to my time management crisis. I’m going to clone myself. My clone will go to work and earn the money for me to be able to stay home and write. Boom. Problem solved. Feel free to steal my idea.

    • Mia, I’m going to need you to go ahead and clone a version of myself while you’re at it, if you don’t mind. Make it two if it’s not too much trouble please, thanks! Lol. I need one to work, & go to school and that will free me up for fun stuff like kids and writing! You’re the best!!!

    • I would love to steal this idea! #ReallyNeedAClone 🙂

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