You’re Grounded!

Before I get to my post I would like to wish our Joe a safe trip and my very best wishes for daring to begin a new life in Florida with his family. Luckily, he’ll still be blogging here so it won’t be like he’s really gone. And with Skype and email, we’ll all still be able to keep in touch with him. Congratulations, Joe!

How many of you have a problem sitting down to write? Oh puh-leeze. Don’t give me that. I have a built-in lie detector and the needle just went off the charts. Guess what? I have trouble with making myself write, too.

That’s probably why I’m sitting on several projects right now. So, I’ve decided to ground myself. I’m not allowed to do anything until I’ve written at least 500 (or ten minutes) a day. It doesn’t matter what I write as long as I write something. And right now, I’m finding the writing a nice distraction and using it as my sounding board. Life has been hitting a lot of us pretty hard and most of us can pinpoint it to the last three weeks. For whatever reason, we’ve become the targets for some stupid little imp to screw with.

One day a few weeks ago I sat down because the imp had messed with me and I was…well…mad. So, I sat down and wrote. It wasn’t much, about 500 words, but it was cathartic. Then, another day I sat down and wrote a little bit more. Finally, last week while I was cleaning my shower, I had story ideas hitting me all over the place. (Isn’t it amazing how many ideas you can come up with while you’re doing something mind-numbingly boring?) I sat down (after the shower was clean) and wrote out notes for the ideas I’d had and began writing on a secret project I’m involved in. Five hundred words. I began to see a pattern forming.

No, 500 words isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing, which is my average to date, not counting blog posts and poetry. I realized, though, that 500 is a realistic number for me to reach every day. But I haven’t been doing that. Up until the last three weeks, I haven’t been writing much at all. In fact, I know several people who haven’t been writing lately. Stupid imp.

When my kids don’t do what they’re supposed to be doing, they are grounded until they accomplish the task(s) they are set. That’s why I’m going to set myself as an example. I’m not above being disciplined when I do something wrong, so I’m grounding myself. I can’t socialize on any network, I can’t play any games, and I can’t read or distract myself with anything until I get my 500 words written beyond my blog posts. I’m allowing poetry writing because I’ll end up doing it anyway, but I’m not going to count it towards my 500 word goal.

Now here’s the fun part. Two of the items I’ve begun writing (one of them for my secret project) decided they liked each other and wanted to meet so I introduced them and they fell in love. Now, I can’t separate them and have a whole new story to contend with. But that’s okay. It was awesome to get to be a part of the birth of the new story and interesting to see how it happened.

Gotta love a writer’s brain. We’ll keep you on your toes.

What about you? Want to join me in detention? It could be fun, and I’ve heard the professor is pretty hot.


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