Wednesday morning and where’s Amber?

Amber has just discovered one of the problems so many of us have. Real life, this time in the form of her job, has collided with blog life. She sends her regrets and promises to try — with try being the operative word — to post something when she gets home. In the meantime, this is your chance to suggest topics for the Twisted Writers to discuss or to ask questions of us.

Thanks and I now return you to your regular internet programming, if anything about the internet can be called regular, much less normal.  😉

6 responses to “Wednesday morning and where’s Amber?

  1. When real life collides with your blog life it upsets the whole space-time continuum. Scientific fact.
    She may be in a completely different dimension, right now. We may never see her again.

  2. Until she can return to our alleged reality, here’s hoping Amber is not stressing too much.

  3. Did she get sucked into the washing machine black hole again? We have GOT to get her a new machine.

  4. All I am allowed to say is that it doesn’t involved a washing machine and she fears she may be bald before she gets things sorted out. Oh, and there is no internet where she is. I think she’s been sucked into a wormhole that took her back in time. Why else would there be no internet?


  5. No internet? I seem to recall that there actually was such a time. The Earth was much colder then, and huge Wooly Mammoths roamed the land.

  6. Those washing machines can be very scary, that’s why I avoid mine as much as possible. Haha. Hope things get better for AJ soon!

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