Duck and cover

Oh how I love my little group of fellow writers. I have stumbled upon a great group of people with equally great sense of humors. I missed my post this morning, and when I was finally able to read their comments from Amanda’s quick note this AM gave me a much needed laugh.

Just for the record, yes, I seemed to have been sucked into some pre-historic, cult-like, wormhole that is trying to take me alive. My washing machine is just fine, yes I am pretty sure I have pulled a good bit of hair out from stress, and what the crap kind of place doesn’t have internet availability – even on my phone- in this day and age! It is not fun guys, not fun at all. Anyone want to throw me a rope? Or hand? I promise to try and not pull you in with me…


Life sometimes throws lemons at us, so we make lemonade.

Then it gets cranky and throws nuts and bolts at us, so we build something cool, like a robot.

That really pisses it off, so it drops big ass boulders on top of us and laughs historically as we writhe in a painful heap on the ground. That is about where I am right about now. But no worries, I will kick this boulder’s (or was it Life’s) butt and be back on schedule in no time.

I hope.

In the mean time, hope your writing/reading/ life is going well.

Till next time,


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