When in doubt…


Combing through my bookshelf last night, I came across a book of Shakespeare quotations that my mom bought me last summer. There were a few pages bookmarked that I had liked but the one above resonated with me the most.

Doubt is something that I constantly battle with when it comes to my writing. No matter how many different people tell me that what I have written is good or worth something, I have this little pebble of uncertainty that eats at me. I know that I am not the only one. It is something that plagues us all, whether we are writers or not, doubt just comes with human nature.

How do we overcome it?

I am not sure that we really ever do. There are highly acclaimed authors that still have reservations about each story they write in the beginning. Which is a little discouraging but reassuring at the same time.

We just learn to push past it and ignore the whispering’s of skepticism that slow our writing mojo down. When the doubt gets too loud, take a break and let your designated reader reassure you that you do not suck, that your story is not complete garbage, no matter how much you think you do or it is. 

Remember what Shakespeare wrote in Measure for Measure; Our doubts are our traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win By fearing to attempt.

Ignore your doubt/fears and persevere, write to the very end, and then write some more. Because that is what we do, we write.

What do you do when in doubt? Tell me in the comments. 

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9 responses to “When in doubt…

  1. Love the Shakespeare quotes, you can never go wrong with those quotes.

    Doubt is all to familiar for me as well. Glad that you keep writing, though, because you’re really good. I need to see more!

    • I’m a big fan of quotes! I lucked out finding a book full of them, all by Shakespeare.

      Thank you, and back at ya… I’d like to se more of your novel. What I’ve read so far is good.

  2. This goes way past writing to everyday business initiatives. And, the doubts and skepticism seems worse in the mornings.

  3. I wrote a post a while back about my own self-doubts so you certainly know that I have them. But, I’m getting better. I just reread Jenny after making changes to the ending, and I think it’s good. I’m not bragging….really! It’s just that, well, I read it and liked it. No, it doesn’t suck. It’s taken me a while to finally say that about my work.

  4. It’s on the site. Earl no longer dies the same way. It’s quite a bit different. It gives more relevance to the chapter where Earl kills that calf when he was young. And sorry…didn’t mean to hi-jack the post!

  5. And now Laura Lynn is in chapter 24. I think it works better. Doesn’t seemed so rushed.

  6. Keep on keeping on, or something like perseverance. By trying I often stumble into encouraging days or comments and I take another stab at it. 🙂

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