Fear Of Blogging


I resisted blogging. Didn’t want to do it. Amanda, the leader of our demented little bunch kept telling me I needed to blog. My wife kept telling me to start a blog. If I told someone I was writing they’d ask, “Do you have a blog I can go to, to see your stuff?”

No, I didn’t. And I didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, either. And I didn’t want one! But it did seem that everybody and their brother had a blog. What was so great about having a blog, anyway? And where the hell did that stupid word come from? Blog. It sounds like the name of an alien in one of those cheesy 1950’s science fiction movies.

I don’t know, maybe it was the fear of commitment. I didn’t want to worry about having to come up with something to write about every day. What if I didn’t feel like doing it, sometimes? My God! It sounded like being married! (It’s okay. My wife doesn’t read the blog.).

But then some trouble maker came up with the idea of us all, in the writer’s group, starting a blog. Everybody agreed that it was a terrific idea. “Uh…yeah, yeah…” I stuttered. “It’s a, um…great idea.” Oh no, what would I write? What if I couldn’t come up with anything? It was only once a week, though. We each had a day assigned to us. Mine was Thursday. Surely, I could come up with an idea once a week, I realized. I stopped hyperventilating. Yes, I could do this.

And here I am! Look Ma, I’m blogging! And I’m actually enjoying this.  Yeah, I’m having fun. All that fear was unjustified. I still wouldn’t want to do it every day, however. Don’t know how people do it.

But now I can see the importance of blogging if you are a writer. Getting your name out there. Showing your stuff. Building up a fan base. And I’ve even broken down and started a Facebook account. I belong to two writer’s groups over there and I’ve joined the throngs of people checking their Facebook pages to see if anyone liked their comments. I don’t know why, but a part of me feels so dirty.

So, okay. I humbly admit I was wrong. Blogging was a good idea.

But now I’m worrying  whether or not people like my posts. Why aren’t they leaving comments? Maybe it was a bad one. I’ll have to try harder next week. One week they seem to like me and the next week they don’t… It is just like being married.

6 responses to “Fear Of Blogging

  1. Oh, Joe. You crack me up. You’re a natural.
    And I thought I came up with a fantastic idea.

  2. Look Ma I’m blogging – haha I love it! For someone who resisted it, you’ve taken to it like a duck to water. I love your posts!

  3. Not only are your cartoons spot on, Joe, but they are clever and so well done.

  4. Smack!

    That is for doubting yourself. 😉

    You are a natural and need to quit worrying. Now, why aren’t you working on your next novel?

  5. Damn! I felt that slap all the way over here. I’m glad everyone likes the posts. Thanks. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop worrying. But thanks!

  6. You’ve done good Joe. A natural blogger! But I must say, im a bit disappointed that you crossed over to the FB side, we were on a team!!!!! Ugh.

    Man, Amanda’s smack seemed hard… Totally deserved though. Now get to work!

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