What do you do when life happens?

Sometimes life happens.

Ha. Life happens every day. It’s a part of life.

Some days we are dealt with a deck of cards that we have to work frantically at sorting and finding the pairs to win the game. Today I did not win the game. My deck of cards was catapulted at me and I missed, sending cards flying everywhere.

Ok, not really, but it sure felt like it.

What do you do when days/weeks like this happen?

You laugh, cry, laugh some more, dig in the dirt and gorge on cookies with your kids (or strangers, friends, even alone – it doesn’t really matter as long as you are gorging). Then you get out the computer and write that crap down. All of it. From point A to point B.


Isn’t it obvious? Your brain is too fried to get any real writing done so you might as well detail out the crazy days of your life so that you can go back at a later date and use all of that crazy as ammo in your next book. Or current book, whichever.


Because sometimes there are moments in our life that belong in a book just for pure humorous moments.

Let me back up to the beginning of my weekend that collided with my week, causing me to miss today’s post almost all together…

Friday, one of my minions developed an infected parotid gland, causing one side of their face to swell up to softball size ( it is very painful). After several sleepless nights, by Sunday my family and I were walking Zombies, (hang with me, this is wear the humor comes in.) and we had a dinner at my grandmother’s to attend to. This involved a lot of grown-ups, kids and chaos – not a good mix for the Zombie mom.

While outside, spending time with said family, the demon dog (a new nicknamed given to him just Sunday evening) managed to wrap his leash around my ankle, or foot, or shoe – I am not 100% sure – causing me to fall forwards onto the stone patio. Now in all of my gracefulness, I managed to twist my back – pulling, I am pretty sure, every muscle back there – cut my foot open, destroyed my pedicure, and bust my knee.

Now mind you, all of the grown ups stop and jump to help me… while my eldest minion was doubled over in laughter because my fall was apparently the funniest thing ever. Glad someone laughed that day.

Fast forward another couple of sleepless nights (remember we still have a parotid gland infection, now add in pulled back muscles, I swear the Sandman was laughing his butt off at me too), and we arrive to this mornings meeting. A meeting that I needed to look my best. Where I realized that my swollen, cut up, blue knee was clearly visible and I hobbled along in my dress and tried to avoid eye contact because I knew that at some point I was going to bust out laughing. And not the funny haha laughter. No, it was going to be the insane, cracked up laughter that would have probably had me escorted out by security.

There were some other factors that accounted for my absence this afternoon that helped keep me from my writing duties. But I figured digging in the dirt of my neighbor’s front yard while bent over like a hunchback  didn’t warrant much laughter.

My point is that you can find writing ammo just about anywhere. Whether or not it is your own crazy tales or your neighbor’s, just write it all down and see where you can use it later.

Do you have any crazy experiences that you have thought about using in your novel? If so, leave me a comment. 

Till next time,


4 responses to “What do you do when life happens?

  1. Oh no! I hope things settle for you and the kiddo soon! Hugs. Let me know if I can help at all. ~CJ

  2. My whole life has been a soap opera. I’ve got so much book fodder that I’m surprised I haven’t written about any of it yet.
    Is Thing 2 feeling any better? Text me if you need anything.

    • Hahahaha The Memoirs of Our Lives. We could be rich! Or laughed at. Or both lol!

      Much better, thanks. It couldn’t just be an ordinary cold or bug, noooo it had to be something hard to pronounce so that we can laugh about it later.

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