Better Late Than Never

Due to an unexpected train crash happening inside my head over the weekend, I have apparently forgotten my responsibilities. I apologize for neglecting to post an article today, and I assure you that I will not be forgetting again.

Rest assured all is (relatively) well though I am still recovering from the massive headache that hit unexpectedly. For now, I will leave you with a poem, one I wrote during April’s poetry challenge. We had to write an aubade. (Click on the word to see the description.)

The visual form of the poem was purposeful. It represents the beginning of the day leading to a mid-point and then fading into night, an echo of the feeling of the poem, or so I hope. Please enjoy.



By Jessica Scott


So let it be,

This repetition of life.

Each day starts fresh and new

despite my futile attempts to hold it back,

to remain young and beautiful, to keep the day from aging

once more. Once more into the breach, dear friends, the breach of life continuing.


Why can’t the day stay young? Why can’t we stay frozen in perfect moments till we are ready

to move on? Why slowly vanish until we are nothing, till we disappear? Why,

cruel nature, keep us bound to you and remind us of our mortality

with the rising of each new morning? And I’m so weary

of wearing my chains, this burden I bear.

And still I fade, like the mist.

So, let it be.

So let it be.


6 responses to “Better Late Than Never

  1. You just take care of yourself and let me know if you need anything.

    • I’m good now, thanks Amanda! It’s just been a hell of a couple of weeks and I’ve had to decompress from both blog challenges. I think that’s what brought the migraine on. I relax for one minute and age catches up. LOL

  2. Stupid headaches. Get some rest, hope it eases soon.

    • I’m finally better. The last two days I’ve been back to normal. I’m really not sure if it was allergies or stress. But it was a nasty sucker.

  3. Damn that headache! I hope you are feeling better. I would love to have heard your critique of Jenny.
    You know, when we started this blog, I was sure that I was gonna be the first one to do this!!

  4. Sorry to claim the title, Joe! 😉
    I’ll give you my notes at the next meeting for Jenny.

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