Monogamy vs. Polygamy, What works for you?



There are three types of people in this world – monogamists, polygamists and those others. (No, no, not bigamy. Sheesh. Non-literary people, those who do not read OR write. They do exist.)

I have seen these terms used in regards to a reader for years.

The monogamist reader who reads only one book at a time, from beginning to end, giving each book its undivided attention.

The polygamist reader who can juggle their book reading as though they have a spotlight in the literary circus – right after the fire breathing typewriters of course. These readers can read a multitude of books at a time, never getting the stories confused with one another.

When I received the  picture above recently, I started thinking about how the terms also work for writers as well.

You have the monogamy group – a person who writes only on one project at a time from start to finish. They do not stray onto other projects for fear of losing focus or voice.

Then you have the polygamy group – a person who has the ability to work on multiple stories/projects at any given time. They can wake up one day writing out a much anticipated fight scene only to end the next day in the head of the niece with a crazy talking dead aunt. Ahem. Not mentioning any names here. Cough. Amanda. 

Personally, I am a mix of both worlds.

As far as when I write, I am a  tried and true monogamist. I do not have the talent to really jump stories or my voices tend to be weaker. No, not the voices in my head, but the voice of the story itself. But then when I read, I break all of the monogamy rules. Currently I am reading four different book, and love three of them! (You can see what I am reading here.)

So what type of people are you? Let me know in the comments.

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9 responses to “Monogamy vs. Polygamy, What works for you?

  1. Total polygamist in both respects. Unless the book/story catches my focus. That’s how you know it’s good.
    And, yes. Amanda is a polygamist as well.

    • I can manage to write a little bit a flash fiction while I’m writing on my novel, but I cannot get too far inside of a character’s head in the flash or it messes me all up. Sometimes I use the character in my novel to inspire my flash fiction as well so that it doesn’t mess me up.

  2. I am a reading monogamist!!!

  3. “I am a reading monogamist!!!” she exclaims proudly. “That polygamy baloney goes against the laws of God and nature!!!!”
    I probably am, too. Although I’m not as adamant about it. I’ve been known to pick up another book to start reading even though I’m already in the middle of one.
    And AJ, can you read with your feet like in the cartoon? If yes, you have to show us that at the next meeting.

    • You will have to forgive her excitement… We don’t let her out much! (she’s my mom lol)
      Honestly, I think I can ear multiple books at a time mostly because one doesn’t hold my attention or the story doesn’t fit my mood on that particular day. I’m a very moody person! And as far as reading with my toes, I’ve never tried but I’m willing to give it a shot I guess. But I have horrible eyesight, I might not be able to see the words so far away.

  4. I fall asleep anytime I try to read a book?!?! Just as I do movies
    Never make it to see or read ending! Lol
    I love your writings amber!!you are very good
    At it! Go cuz!

  5. I am a reading monogamist, and a writing polygamist to a certain degree, but what I suppose I really am is flighty when it comes to writing lately. I’m that guy who just can’t commit. Oh sure things go great at first, then off to the next thing. But I am working on it. Put me in writing therapy!

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