Where Do You Write?

I’m writing this post while trying to ignore the kid’s movie that is playing, trying to compose something coherent amid requests for chocolate milk, Cheez-its or to make caramel tea. Needless to say it’s not the most conducive location for good writing. Nevertheless, here I am anyway – writing.

Where do you go when you need to write?  Do you have a dedicated space that is specifically set aside in your house to write?  Do you move around anywhere and everywhere? Do you have just a few favorite places?  Do you write on your laptop, with pen and paper, on your iPhone?  (Don’t judge, I’ve written on my iPhone before. 🙂 )  Do you write in a different place depending on what you need to accomplish?

I don’t have a dedicated writing space, and tend to write wherever and whenever I make the time.  This means I usually end up writing on my laptop in the living room while my family goes about any number of crazy activities.  Since that can lead to quite a bit of distraction, I’ll sometimes write with my earbuds in listening to music so it feels like I am somewhere else. 🙂

I do have a few places I like to go to write where I know I can really dig in and focus though.  One of my favorite places to write is the local library.  There are some tables set up right by a group of windows.  I like how quiet it is there and I like being surrounded by all the books.  There’s something especially inspiring for me to have all those words, all those writers who have gone before me all around while I write.  I’ve gotten in a lot of good writing while sitting there in that library.

I recently read an article, In New York, Everywhere a Writing Nook, where twelve different playwrights share their favorite writing spots. One listed writing in a dog park while writing a piece about dogs.  Another wrote in a 24 hour café filled with mostly blue collar workers while writing a piece that was filled with blue collared characters.  One wrote in a library, like myself, and another wrote in a restaurant with a favorite dish on the menu.  Most probably have a writing space at home as well, but I liked the mix of other places people ended up writing.

Sometimes changing where we write may be just the thing needed to mix things up and get the writing moving forward. But whether it’s your favorite writing spot for when things get crazy, or the same old desk and same old chair you always park at to write, the key really is to get that butt in the chair and start writing.

Or stand at your typewriter and get started writing, as Ernest Hemingway is said to have done.

Wherever you write, however you write, just write.


Are you writing? Care to share a favorite writing spot with us? Tell us about it in the comments. I’d love to hear! 



9 responses to “Where Do You Write?

  1. I prefer writing in my bed or at the kitchen table. There is just something about sitting down at the desk that blocks my mind from anything resembling creativity. The idea of writing at the library seems wonderful, except I never make it past the books… they call for my attention too loudly. 🙂

  2. The most writing that gets completed is at the dining table in the mornings just after everyone has left for the day. But I also work well at my desk because I find myself surrounded by books in this cozy little nook. Like AJ, I haven’t tried the library but as witnessed this last weekend I obviously am susceptible to book fumes.

  3. I used to have my very own writing room. Had all of my aviation pictures hanging on the wall. My own personal cave. My wife has taken it over as her photo room. I had a desktop PC then. Now I have a laptop and I’m sort of all over the house. I might be up in the game room, curled up on the couch in the living room, or sitting out in the back yard. I actually kind of like not being forced to sit in one spot. Right now I’m writing this as I sit at the kitchen table with my little girl.
    My aviation pictures are in a box, somewhere.

  4. I think the library would distract me, too. All those books… But I should try it. I rarely ever write out of the house (unless it’s to take notes on my phone of something that I know I’ll forget). O_o As of now, I type (standing up) at my laptop with my family all around or in a room that’s all for me (with lovely things and a cushy chair) which I rarely use. And, yes, I’ve “written” on my phone before. It’s not easy.

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