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First Critique Group

All right, my cartoon may be a bit of an exaggeration. Writer’s critique groups probably haven’t been around as long as that. Critics most likely have, though. I’m sure someone told one of those cave artists that he didn’t like the shade of red that he used.

But the truth is, writers have been getting together to talk about their craft and to bounce ideas off of one another for ages. At least since 1816, anyway. I bring this particular year up because during that year’s rainy summer, four writers happened to be doing just that at a villa in Switzerland. It was pouring outside and they were getting cabin fever. One of them was Lord Byron and he said to the other three, “Hey, how about we all write a scary story? Just for giggles!”

Percy Shelly, a poet, turned to his girlfriend. “Mary, what do you think?” he asked her.

“I’m game,” she told him.

“Why not?” added John Polidori, the fourth writer in the group. “What else is there to do in this damn weather?”

And so they wrote. Polidori comes up with an idea that he titles, “The Vampyre.” It’s gone down in history as the first modern vampire story and kind of started the whole genre. Mary, who would later marry Percy, penned a chilling little number that she called, “Frankenstein.” You might have heard of it. Byron and Shelly ripped theirs up after reading those two.

What’s the point of all this, you ask. It’s to show you that if you are a writer, it’s good to meet with others of your kind; Those of a like mind. People who will understand when you tell them that you have voices in your head. They won’t look at you strangely when you complain that, “The character I just wrote keeps answering me back and won’t listen to what I say!” Yeah…try telling that to someone who isn’t a writer. But most importantly, joining a writer’s group will make you write!

I joined the little bunch I’m with about three years ago. Unfortunately, we don’t meet at a villa in Switzerland. We meet at a library. But it doesn’t matter if you meet in someone’s garage. The point is having people with whom you can get together on a regular basis to talk with about writing and to learn from. The group I belong to showed me that I could write, and then they made me write. I have a short story published and a novel I’m getting ready to shove out the door. Several other short stories will, hopefully, be released in an anthology before the year is up. I wouldn’t have written a word if I had never joined the group.

Writing is a solitary and sedentary endeavor. If nothing else, joining a writers group will help you make a few new friends and get you out of that chair.

8 responses to “Writer’s Groups

  1. Ya did good Joe! I’ve never considered the Shelly’s and Polidori being a writers group but they really were. I am loving the cartoon, I still cannot believe that you hand draw these.

  2. Hey, I want more explosions. I always want more explosions. 😉

  3. Great job Joe! I love your cartoon. And I am so glad you joined the group because your writing is good and it would have been a shame to waste that talent

  4. Oh, you want more explosions, do you? Be careful what you wish for, baby, ’cause I can do explosions!
    And, yeah, that little get together was like a writers group, I think. Now, did they say those exact words? Hey, who knows!
    And thanks, guys. All have been great.

  5. I just wanted to point out that the “author” caveman looks like Larry Correia. I”m enjoying everyone’s posts, thanks for doing this!~

    • For those who don’t know who Tiffanie is referring to, it would be Larry Correia, author of the Monster Hunter International books, among others. An all around great guy but one who does look like a walking mountain with a beard 😉

  6. Oh no! Now I’m going to get sued by a guy named Larry Correia because I put him into my cartoon without his permission! But you did say that he’s an all around great guy, right?

  7. Great job Joe! I love it. I’m glad Byron and Shelley stuck with the poetry. Leave the scary stuff to the women. We know how to be truly scary. 😉

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